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13 thoughts on “Linux A-D”

  1. A gdzie są dystrybucje ArchLinux, Manjaro, Netrunner, Fedora, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Slackware czy SparkyLinux? (Nawet Debiana nie ma) napisałeś/liście o distrach w większości prawie wogóle nieznanych, a o takich popularnych nie :p

    • postawiło sobie zadanie archiwizacji istniejacych OS-ów. W pierszej kolejności dodawane są systemy nierozwijane, porzucone i trudno dostępne. Aktywne projekty też będą dodane, lecz w późnijszym terminie.

  2. Take a look at TTOS Linux at

    It is a 64-bit GNU Debian Linux OS designed for OEM system builders and the TTPC Computer Models. It also has it’s own custom Internet Security UI, and many added features specific to this distro.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve noticed the absence of an old-time favourite of mine – AtlasX (a Debian+Enlightenment project), regretfully discontinued … if you want, you can get their one and only release here:

      • Thanks a lot for adding AtlasX to your archives; though long-time abandoned, it was a rather good effort and does not deserve to be completely forgotten … and by the way, if memory serves, its country of origin was Holland

  4. I have several Porteus 3.1 semi-custom built isos that I built and downloaded from their now discontinued custom build site that I would like to share–mostly 32bit, LXDE, Mate, Xfce, KDE, some with just abiword, some with LibreOffice, most with Opera, a couple with Firefox.
    I have found them to be quite handy to include onto an easy2boot multiboot USB stick as “rescue insurance”, thanks to Porteus’ inclusion of PLoP on the initialization menu. How would I go about doing that?

  5. Do you know Vitalinux EDU DGA? It’s a distro for Primary and Secundary Education in Aragón, a region of Spain. You can have a look at: (exactly this ISO: Bye.

  6. AlienOS has an English version now.
    Alien-OS_3.iso 12/11/2020 was the last time i downloaded it.

    Alien-OS_2.iso live login was this:
    Username: alien-os
    Password: A-T

  7. Hey Pavroo
    how you forget to look into Darkiban OS

    .i have problem to put it on USB


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