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Web site: ctkarch.org
Origin: France
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Openbox
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Arch Linux
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 0.7 | April 7, 2011

CTKArch – a minimalistic Arch Linux setup (and not a distribution), that comes with a set of carefully selected applications and provides maximum hardware support, exclusively using free open-source software.

It aims at providing the indispensable base applications for a desktop installation, while saving time on the installation process by autoconfiguring the system, in the same way you would have done by hand.

The included applications are chosen among the lighter available, yet keeping the interface user-friendly and the benefits of a rolling-release distribution: CTKArch has become the running proof that this is possible!

Its base principle is to leave the users with a choice, when there is one: applications are only included if their usefulness isn’t questionable.

CTKArch features a powerful add-on system, and support for a persistent data partition, that allow to easily add custom applications to the live system, leaving the base ISO devoid of any piece of software some people may not appreciate.

The CTKArch live CD/USB can be installed, for instance on your hard disk or memory card.

Once installed, it becomes a classical Arch Linux installation, with applications for web browsing, e-mail, chat, FTP, file-management & archiving, office, image, audio and video viewing & edition, and CD burning; just as if you had spent your day choosing them.

The live iso provides support for English and French languages out of the box.

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