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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Spain
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Asturix On
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Wikipedia: Asturix
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 4 | January 19, 2012

Asturix (previously: AsturLinux) – an Ubuntu based Linux distribution targeted to desktop users, which offers its own desktop called Asturix On.

The project started in 2008 by Luis Iván, a then-12-year-old teen that was really bored of school. With its third version it was the world’s first OS integrating facelogin. Later Google added the same feature to Android. Its fourth version spotted Asturix On, the first desktop environment fully based on web technologies.

Until 2012 Asturix was an Operating System based on Linux – AKA a Linux distribution – focused on User Experience.

The Asturix screenshot source: Wikipedia; author: Richiguada; License: Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

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1 thought on “Asturix”

  1. I recently download and try to boot from USB stick and distro
    boot but user is not able to boot into live mode then must use install
    such a shame looking good!


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