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Origin: Switzerland
Category: Rescue
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 9.0.0 | December 30, 2021
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: BG-Rescue

BG-Rescue – a very small Linux distribution (download-size less than 20MB) which is intended mainly for rescue purposes.

BG-Rescue Linux is a Busybox and uClibc based rescue system with a Linux kernel. Supports full read/write support for NTFS using ntfs-3g. Supports a wide range of hardware (including SATA and DM/LVM2) and file systems (including ext2/3, hfs/hfs+ and xfs) and can be used as a full backup/restore system for MS Windows systems using FAT12/16 /32 or NTFS. It also comes with a lot of tools, including strong compression tools like lrzip. It is supported to autoload F-Prot antivirus from cdrom or usbstick.

The system runs entirely in ram and can be booted either from usb-stick or cdrom. It can be booted either on BIOS or UEFI hardware. Besides i386 it also includes a 64bit Linux kernel generating the possibility to chroot into a 64bit (amd64) userspace environment. The system can serve as a full rescue / backup / restore system for Linux or Windows based computers or to facilitate the installation of a recent Debian oder Ubuntu Linux via debootstrap.

Mounting samba (cifs) and nfs shares over the network is also supported. Encrypted drives are supported, including LUKS, and BitLocker support is limited. A graphical interface (ytree) is also included.

BG-Rescue Linux can also be used as an initramfs (initrd) image to boot virtually any amd64/i386 Linux system. This feature can be useful in case of a failing boot loader.

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