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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Switzerland
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Gnome
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Wikipedia: Debris Linux
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.0 | November 29, 2009

Debris Linux (previously: BeaFanatIX, BFX) – a minimalist Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with GNOME as a default desktop. The ISO image file is about 200 MB in size and works as a Live CD, with a hard drive installation option.

After the missing of Steven Watsky (maker of BeatrIX) the community fell apart. Stephan Emmerich wanted to continue the project, but since this was no longer possible with BeatrIX, he decided to make a new distro, based on BeatrIX, called BeaFanatIX. This was later renamed to Debris Linux.

Debris offers GNOME and Openbox, a lightweight session powered only by the Openbox window manager or a traditional session with GNOME and Metacity.

The live system features software:
– Mozilla Firefox – a web browser
– Beep – a mediaplayer
– AbiWord – a text processor
– Gnumeric – a spreadsheet program
– Evolution – an e-mail client
– Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger.
– Audacious – an audio player
– gFTP – a file transfer client
– GParted – a partition editor
– NDISwrapper – the Microsoft Wireless driver manager
– ePDFViewer – a document viewer
– GQView – an image viewer
– Leafpad – a text editor
– DebI – a custom system installer


Debris Linux 1.0 i386 184MB.iso
md5sum: e85331cbbea142e030039a82c022decf


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