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Web site:
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Fluxbox, JWM, Openbox
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Devuan
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: active
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: CROWZ

CROWZ – an operating system based on Devuan 3.0.0 Beowulf release. Consisting of a minimal compilation of applications and tools. Overall the ethos of CROWZ is simplicity.

The live system features a web browser, file manager, image viewer, torrent client, terminal emulator, pdf viewer, audio and video player, text editor, and a few other essential applications preinstalled.

The crowz-welcome screen compliments the install with an easy to use terminal program to update and install additional applications.

Fluxbox, JWM, and Openbox are fully customizable Wms, light on resources, fast, stable, each with a full-featured desktop experience.


All files CROWZ Openbox/Fluxbox/JWM ~900MB.iso


CROWZ 3.0.0 Fluxbox i386 660MB.iso
md5sum: 9762dceac92b55227fe7a0715a6c1209
CROWZ 3.0.0 Fluxbox amd64 644MB.iso
md5sum: d3fdad5b42d6cbd746455927df102c7f

CROWZ 3.0.0 JWM i386 658MB.iso
md5sum: 12a5f6c2e5fec5a04248207cbba69523
CROWZ 3.0.0 JWM amd64 643MB.iso
md5sum: 33bfcfad3cec2051c053c497ca8efe83

CROWZ 3.0.0 Openbox i386 659MB.iso
md5sum: 188a4b3dc50f66ed10f6b326dfcbd9df
CROWZ 3.0.0 Openbox amd64 643MB.iso
md5sum: d3e6a015eadf52ed056a84b5ef2b3542

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