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Web site:
Origin: UK
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, x86-64
Based on: Arch
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: 1.3 | December 2, 2015
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Achoo!

Achoo! – a bootable live CD which offers the quickest and easiest way to install Arch Linux and a selection of software from the Arch repos.

Achoo’s purpose is to speed up installation of Arch Linux, plus a desktop environment and a ‘shopping list’ of extras like web browsers, office software and programming tools. An initialising phase gathers essential data of location, username, and passwords, and works with the user to set up their partitioning and desktop environment requirements. The script then runs without further intervention to the end. Burn the iso to a CD or USB stick, or run it directly in Virtualbox. It starts a live session of Arch Linux, and runs the script. All you have to do is follow the prompts. Installation follows closely the Arch Wiki beginners’ guide, and hopefully you will understand something of the process by the time it has finished; you may even like to try a manual installation with the help of the Wiki.

The live system works in text mode.

Achoo! is not under development any more, but was upgraded/changed its name to Feliz.

The project developer is Elizabeth Mills.


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