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Origin: USA
Category: Firewall
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Independent
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1.8.0 | April 16, 2017
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Devil-Linux

Devil-Linux – a special Linux distribution, which is used for Firewalls / Routers. The goal of Devil-Linux is to have a small, customizable and secure (what is secure in the internet?) Linux.

Devil-Linux boots and runs completely from CDROM or USB flash drive. The configuration can be saved to a floppy diskette or a USB pen drive. Devil Linux was originally intended to be a dedicated firewall/router but now Devil-Linux can also be used as a dedicated server for many applications. Attaching an optional hard drive is easy, and many network services are included in the distribution.

Because boot/OS and (optionally) configuration [in a tarball] are stored on read-only media, Devil-Linux offers high security with easy and safe upgrades, the system being fully configurable with no writeable system device. If hard drive(s) are added for data storage, LVM is standard (easing expansion and backup) and software Raid is straightforward. Virtual machine use is also well supported, with VMware modules built-in.

Heiko Zueckerm, the developer of Devil-Linux has announced as of 7th Jan, 2018 that there is no more new releases.

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