Web site: wikka.puppylinux.com/dpup
Origin: unknown
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: LXDE, MATE, Openbox
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Puppy
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 8.0.0 | January 1, 2021
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Dpup

Dpup – a Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux and Debian stable packages.

DPup files are created according to Debian packages, usually using the Woof Puppy builder.


Dpup 8.0.0 Openbox 32bit NO-PAE 451MB.iso
md5sum: 7c24cdc0484d8a6e5c07c07e0001faf0
Dpup 8.0.0 Openbox 32bit PAE 451MB.iso
md5sum: c70ef0cb1e8c53075f4b299d6a92b867
Dpup 8.0.0 Openbox 64bit 443MB.iso
md5sum: 585f3d6e23ff5b2d23c783dae8dca3d1
Dpup 8.0.0 Xfce 32bit PAE 471MB.iso
md5sum: 0f0e3ddc2ddfaddcb371f6443c98d4b2
Dpup 8.0.0 Xfce 64bit 445MB.iso
md5sum: 253a946d4347685a645cc9459514dc2d

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