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Web site:
Origin: Unknown
Category: Mini
Desktop environment: FVWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 0.8 | January 18, 2008

DetaolB – a small sized x86/uclibc distro, aimed mostly for emulators/virtualizers.

With this iso’s size around 60Mb, you’ve a small yet functional desktop distro which can help developing/debugging C/C++/Fortran/Perl software or compiling the Linux kernel.

It can then self emulate with included qemu-0.9.0.

You can play with the grub menu (press the key ‘e’) at boot sequence and choose the framebuffer resolution you want using the “screen” parameter (example: screen=vga or svga or xga or sxga). You can choose between a french keyboard (kmap=fr) or stick to the us default.

The live iso is built using modules (similar to Slax), and contains scripts to re-build the iso image if you want.

The project developer is Christian Michon.

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