New additions:

A lightweight and built off Tiny Core Linux distribution, for “Passive & Aggressive WiFi”. Passive in reference…
November 28, 2022

An advanced operating system designed to provide Multi-Tasking and Multi-User capability to personal computers….
November 25, 2022

A Linux distribution made by the Linux community of the Sanata Dharma Open Source Community (SaOS) from Indonesia…
November 23, 2022

nullMultiuser DOS
A real-time multi-user multi-tasking operating system for IBM PC-compatible microcomputers. An evolution of the older…
November 21, 2022

A switchblade, minimalistic operating system based on Devuan Linux. It abides by the KISS philosophy and ships with…
November 18, 2022

LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) – helps in netbooting LAN clients from a single template installation that resides…
November 16, 2022

MP/M (Multi-Programming Monitor Control Program) – a multi-user version of the CP/M operating system, created by…
November 14, 2022

fli4l (flexible internet router for linux; previously: floppy isdn for linux) – a linux based ISDN-, DSL- and Ethernet…
November 11, 2022

An independent, minimalistic Linux distribution based on the project. Goals: Follow the suckless…
November 9, 2022

The disk operating system first distributed by Compusense as an alternative to the official OS9-system from Dragon Data…
November 7, 2022