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Web site: dizinha.codigolivre.org.br (not active)
Origin: Brazil
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: IceWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Kurumin
Wikipedia (PT): Dizinha
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2a1 | January 12, 2006

Dizinha – a Brazilian distribution especially developed for old computers. It is one of the first distros based on Kurumin.

This distribution runs fast on old machines, on Pentium I processors in as little as 16 MB of RAM.

It has a simple window manager called IceWM and lightweight applications for PC’s users without much processing power. To maintain this compatibility with older hardware, throughout its lifetime developers have maintained the Linux kernel in version 2.4.x.

Using Debian’s own tools, Dizinha Linux is as intuitive as other Debian-based distributions.

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