Web site: (not active)
Origin: Argentina
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 1.5 2016 (?)

CiberLinux – a Linux performance, Windows appearance. Ciberlinux is a Linux distribution of Argentine origin, derived or “adapted” from Kubuntu, sharing a software package and files with the latter, created and oriented to be used in cybercafes, public administrations, companies, etc.

“CIBERLINUX is a “customization” of the Kubuntu distribution where an attempt was made to make many programs and the graphical environment similar to a Microsoft operating system, so that it would be easier to use both in public places (cyber cafes, public administrations, etc. ), as in companies. With this, it is not possible to make another distribution, but rather to have “everything ready” so that once installed, it is completely “usable” by the user, and there is no need to install extra packages.”

Ciberlinux has KDE as a desktop environment, with a modified Windows XP style theme and the freeware cbm as a workstation control program.

For Ciberlinux (version 1.0) it has been possible to create an automatic installation, with the mondo rescue program which is well documented on the application page, occupying two self-installation CDs.

For the current version “Vistoso” 1.2 it occupies one DVD, which can be used in the form of Live_DVD or installable through the ubiquity application on IDE or SATA disks.

Ciberlinux is licensed under the GPLv2, both the self-recovery scripts and all the information that is required.

– Based on Ubuntu 8.04 updated on 06/29/2008
– in 3.3 GB DVD format
– bootable as live-dvd
– installation available from the live-dvd (thanks to the UBUNTU Ubiquity application:
– VESA video driver by default.
– NVIDIA driver installer available (ENVY-NG) pre-installed
– extra applications: putty, NX client and server for linux, kompozer, cheese, filezilla, and others..
– 7 (seven) FREE games installed (video card that supports GLX is required)
– 3 programs for downloading from P2P networks and torrents.
– Google Earth (video card that supports GLX is required)

The last version of CiberLinux is probably 1.5.

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