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Origin: Romania
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE, Xfce
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Slackware
Wikipedia (PL): Bluewhite64
Media: Live, Install
The last version | Released: 13.0 | November 16, 2009

Bluewhite – a complex, reliable, scalable open source pure 64-bit Linux distribution that runs on 64-bit single and multicore servers and workstations.

This project was started in May 2006 and was built from Slackware – current sources using the existing 64-bit multilib toolchain from the Slamd64 Linux to create a new 64-bit non-multilib toolchain in order to build the rest of the programs.

Apart from the standard edition there are live versions, namely LiveDVD and miniLive. These versions have their base root in the standard edition and offer extra packages created by the Bluewhite Linux community . The purpose of these live versions is to serve as a preview to those who wish to try the standard edition but don’t want to install it yet, as well as providing some new features.

Bluewhite Linux LiveDVD and miniLive are targeted toward beginners. A new distribution tends to make people skeptical, so I wanted to give them a chance to test Bluewhite Linux without installing it by using a bootable media. They include Bluewhite Linux standard edition plus some extra packages.

The project founder is Attila Craciun.


Bluewhite 13.0 Install CD1 x86_64 538MB.iso
md5sum: 377c2bcf97535e22c72137a358591a2d
Bluewhite 13.0 Install CD2 x86_64 633MB.iso
md5sum: aa6d5a43f9d47059b379a384efc4a5ca
Bluewhite 13.0 Install CD3 x86_64 623MB.iso
md5sum: 94ef1487223cdc94173c0fa122418b20
Bluewhite 13.0 LiveDVD x86_64 2.03GB.iso
md5sum: 05721ffbc34b5e7a110b6a9d934fdd40


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