Apricity OS

Last Updated on: 11th June 2023, 11:04 am

Web site: apricity-os.github.io
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Cinnamon, GNOME
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Arch Linux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 11.2016 | December 2, 2016
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Apricity OS

Apricity OS – an Arch Linux based Linux distribution.

Apricity OS offers ready to use operating system with GNOME or Cinnamon desktop environment, and set of pre-installed applications for daily usage.
The distribution is available as a live system with Calamares installer to lets users move the system to a hard drive.

Main goals are:
– Provides out of the box experience with drivers and a wide range of applications and media support.
– It has Wine and PlayOnLinux installed by default for Windows specific uses.
– Comes pre-installed with TLP to provide improved battery life and reduce overheating in Linux
– Comes pre-installed with Uncomplicated Firewall to provide extra layer of security in easiest way possible
– Pamac package manager with support for Arch User Repository (AUR)
– Uses the rolling release model, which means that you get a fresh and updated system.
– With Freezedry, you can create your own custom version of Apricity OS.

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1 thought on “Apricity OS”

  1. Apricity was a beautiful project, sad to see it go, but I am glad it is on this site- thanks for that. I used it on my 11 year old Dell Latitude D520 (1.66 Ghz Dual Core, 2.5 G RAM) for 3 months, loved its interface, and layout.


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