Web site: www-01.ibm.com/software/os/warp-withdrawal/ (not active) Origin: USA Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Workplace Shell (WPS) Architecture: x86, PowerPC Based on: Independent Wikipedia: OS/2 Media: Install The last version | Released: 4.52 | December 2001 OS/2 – a proprietary operating system, started in 1985 by IBM and Microsoft with a name of “CP/DOS”. Originally, OS/2 was expected … Read more



Web site: finnix.org Origin: USA Category: Rescue Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86, x86_64, ARMHF, PowerPC Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Finnix Media: Live CD The last version | Released: active Zobacz po polsku: Finnix Finnix – a small, text based rescue CD based on Debian GNU/Linux, targeted to system administrators. Finnix works in Live mode, but … Read more



Web site: www.vitanuova.com/inferno/ Origin: UK Category: Desktop Desktop environment: GUI Architecture: x86, ARM, PA-RISC, MIPS, PowerPC, SPARC Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Inferno Media: Install The last version | Released: 4 | March 28, 2015 Inferno – an operating system designed for building distributed and networked systems on a wide variety of devices and platforms. Inferno … Read more



Web site: asplinux.ru (not active) Origin: Russia Category: Desktop, Server Desktop environment: KDE, GNOME Architecture: x86, x86_64, PowerPC Based on: Fedora Wikipedia (RU): ASPLinux Media: Install The last version | Released: 14 | November 26, 2008 ASPLinux (Application Service Provider Linux) – a Russian distribution of the Linux operating system. It is based on the … Read more



Web site: www.ethoberon.ethz.ch Origin: Switzerland Category: Desktop Desktop environment: TUI (text user interface) Architecture: x86, Ceres, Xilinx Spartan, SPARC, PowerPC, RIOS, MIPS Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Oberon Media: Install The last version | Released: V5 | 2013 (?) Oberon – a single-user, multi-tasking system that runs on bare hardware or on top of a host … Read more