Enea OSE

Web site: www.enea.com/solutions/operating-systems-middleware/real-time-operating-systems/
Origin: Sweden
Category: RTOS
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, NXP ColdFire
Based on: independent
Wikipedia: Enea OSE
Media: Install
The last version | Released: active

Enea OSE – a real-time (RTOS), proprietary, Possix campatible operating system developed by Enea AB company, located in Sweden.

Enea OSE is a robust, high-performance, real-time operating system optimized for multi-processor systems
requiring true deterministic real-time behavior and high availability. It shortens development time, enhances
reliability and reduces lifetime maintenance costs for a wide range of systems, from wireless devices and
automobiles, to medical instruments and telecom infrastructure.

Enea OSE® has been designed for SMP since inception in 2006, and its hybrid SMP/AMP design combined with its lockless kernel design ensures high quality, low error proneness, and high determinism. Enea OSE® guarantees close to zero “OS noise” when running applications on different cores – a fact which also ensures linear performance scalability.
As the number of cores increases, OSE and its scalable IPC reward you with baremetal performance characteristics and highly deterministic latency.

– Designed for fault tolerant, distributed systems
– Modular, layered microkernel architecture
– Event-driven, deterministic real-time response
– Simple, intuitive, asynchronous direct message-passing model
– Scalable hybrid multicore solution – leverages the advantages of both SMP and AMP models
– Memory protected
– Advanced error handling and remediation
– Built-in task (process) monitoring and failure detection
– Dynamic, run-time program loading
– Power management with low-power sleep mode
– Comprehensive networking/security support
– Multiple file system choices including a crash-safe, journaling file system
– Distributed system-level simulation
– Eclipse-based, integrated development environment and tools suite

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