Web site: distr1.org Origin: Switzerland Category: Research Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86_64 Based on: independent Wikipedia: Media: install The last version | Released: May 13, 2020 distri – a Linux distribution to research fast package management. distri is a proof-of-concept implementation of the simplest Linux distribution I can think of that is still useful. * … Read moredistri



Web site: (not active) Origin: USA Category: Supercomputer Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: CDC 6000 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: CDC Kronos Media: Install The last version | Released: 439 | middle of 1970 Kronos – a proprietary, time sharing system developed by Control Data Corporation (CDC) to provide remote interface job processing for Control Data Cyber … Read moreKronos



Web site: minix3.org Origin: Netherlands Category: Others Desktop environment: EDE, JWM Architecture: x86 Based on: independent Wikipedia: MINIX Media: Live The last version | Released: 3.4.0rc6 | May 9, 2017 Zobacz po polsku: MINIX MINIX – an open source and standalone operating system from the Unix family. The system was created in 1987 for the … Read moreMINIX



Web site: baserock.org Origin: unknown Category: workstation Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86, x86_64, ARMv7 Based on: independent Wikipedia: Media: install The last version | Released: 15.47 | December 2015 Baserock – an open source project which lets you build custom appliance systems with Linux. The project started in 2011 with a release of v1.1 “Secret … Read moreBaserock


linuxconsole 2019

Web site: linuxconsole.org Origin: France Category: Desktop, Game Desktop environment: LXDE, MATE Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 2019 | December 21, 2019 Zobacz po polsku: LinuxConsole LinuxConsole – a standalone Linux distribution built from source packages. It was designed to transform an old computer into … Read moreLinuxConsole