Web site: (not active) Origin: Canada Category: Workstation Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: Honeywall 6000, Data General Data 2, Texas Instruments TI990/10 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Thoth Media: Install The last version | Released: 1982 Thoth – a real-time opassing operating system developed at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, between 1976 and 1982. … Read moreThoth



Web site: Origin: USA Category: Others Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: Intel 8080/8085/8086/80286, Zilog Z80 Based on: CP/M Wikipedia: MP/M Media: Install The last version | Released: 2.1 | 1982 MP/M (Multi-Programming Monitor Control Program) – a multi-user version of the CP/M operating system, created by Digital Research developer Tom Rolander in 1979. MP/M platforms … Read moreMP/M



Web site: (not active) Origin: USA Category: Supercomputer Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: CDC 6000 Based on: Kronos Wikipedia: NOS Media: Install The last version | Released: 2.x | 1982 NOS (Network Operating System) – a proprietary, time-sharing operating system written by Control Data Corporation in the 1970s. NOS is capable of several concurrent processing modes, … Read moreNOS