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Origin: USA
Category: Supercomputer
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: CDC 6000
Based on: Kronos
Wikipedia: NOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 2.x | 1982

NOS (Network Operating System) – a proprietary, time-sharing operating system written by Control Data Corporation in the 1970s.

NOS is capable of several concurrent processing modes, such as:
– Local batch
– Remote batch
– Transaction
– Time-sharing

The network processing modes operate through the Network Access Methods (NAM) communications software. These processing modes are implemented, respectively, by the following NAM applications: Remote Batch Facility (RBF), Transaction Facility (TAF), and Interactive Facility (IAF).

NOS can also perform time-sharing and transaction processing through the time-sharing executive and remote batch processing through Export/Import.

The primary emphasis of this manual is a local batch processing. Users of the other processing modes should consult the appropriate manual listed in the preface.

NOS, like all operating systems, is the interface between user software and the capabilities of system hardware components.

NOS can operate within the CDC CYBER 170 Series; CDC CYBER 70 Series, Models 71, 72, 73, and 74; and 6000 Series Computer Systems.

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