hamara linux

Web site: www.hamaralinux.org (not active) Origin: India Category: Desktop Desktop environment: MATE Architecture: x86, x86_64, ARM Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 2.1 | June 17, 2018 Hamara Linux – a Debian based Linux distribution features MATE desktop. Hamara Linux aims to be the distribution of choice for Indian … Read moreHamara



Web site: debxpde.sourceforge.net/debxpde/ Origin: United Kingdom Category: Desktop Desktop environment: LXDE Architecture: x86 Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 2011.1 beta | May 1, 2011 DebXPde (previously: Barnix) – a Debian based Linux distribution which features a lightweight LXDE desktop environment and a small collection of preinstalled applications. The … Read moreDebXPde



Web site: code.google.com/archive/p/cauldron/ Origin: unknown Category: workstation Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86 Based on: BSD Wikipedia: Media: Install The last version | Released: 2008 Cauldron – a derived from work done at Collaborative Fusion, Inc. with the goal of developing a scalable and manageable enterprise-class BSD-based appliance platform. Much of the work was originally based … Read moreCauldron



Web site: animesoft.wordpress.com/linux/ Origin: World Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Cinnamon, MATE Architecture: x86_64 Based on: Ubuntu Wikipedia (ES): Mankaga Linux Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: AIO beta2 | December 28, 2019 Mangaka – a GNU/Linux operative system based on Ubuntu and Debian. It’s especially developed for the specific needs of the anime … Read moreMangaka