Web site: Origin: Finland Category: Server Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86, MIPS, Alpha, PA-RISC, PC532 Based on: UNIX-like Wikipedia: Lites Media: Install The last version | Released: 1.1.u3 | March 30, 1996 Lites – a 4.4 BSD Lite based server and emulation library that provides free Unix functionality to a Mach based system. Lites … Read moreLites



Web site: Origin: Denmark Category: Others Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 1 | March 28, 2016 Zobacz po polsku: Sortix Sortix – a small self-hosting operating-system aiming to be a clean and modern POSIX implementation. It is a hobbyist operating system … Read moreSortix


at&t unix pc

Web site: (not active) Origin: USA Category: Server, Workstation Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: Motorola 68010 Based on: UNIX Wikipedia: AT&T UNIX PC Media: Install The last version | Released: 1985 AT&T UNIX PC (Model 7300) – introduced in 1985 by AT&T Information Systems a new standard for business computers, designed and built by Convergent Technologies. … Read moreAT&T UNIX PC



Web site: (not active) Origin: United Kingdom Category: Workstation Desktop environment: TUI Architecture: Arcon Archimedes (ARM) Based on: UNIX Wikipedia: RISC iX Media: Install The last version | Released: 1993 RISC iX – the Acorn’s version of Unix. Unlike Arthur and RISC OS, RISC iX was a true multitasking operating system. RISC iX was released … Read moreRISC iX



Web site: Origin: Netherlands Category: Others Desktop environment: EDE, JWM Architecture: x86 Based on: independent Wikipedia: MINIX Media: Live The last version | Released: 3.4.0rc6 | May 9, 2017 Zobacz po polsku: MINIX MINIX – an open source and standalone operating system from the Unix family. The system was created in 1987 for the … Read moreMINIX