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Web site: Origin: Spain Category: Server Desktop environment: GNOME Architecture: x86 Based on: Ubuntu Wikipedia (ES): ABC GNU/Linux Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 1.0rev2 | October 8, 2010 ABC GNU/Linux – a Linux distribution, which is based on Ubuntu and is specialized in the automatic construction of high-performance Beowulf clusters just … Read moreABC GNU/Linux



Web site: Origin: Italy Category: Server Desktop environment: Web interface Architecture: x86_64 Based on: CentOS Wikipedia: Media: Install DVD The last version | Released: 7.9 | November 26, 2020 Zobacz po polsku: NethServer NethServer – an operating system for Linux enthusiasts, designed for small offices and medium enterprises. Based on CentOS, the product’s main … Read moreNethServer



Web site: Origin: Finland Category: Server Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: SPARC Based on: illumos Wikipedia: Media: Install CD The last version | Released: 151101 | October 30, 2018 v9os – a server-only, IPS-based minimal SPARC distribution of illumos. Root password is “solaris”. v9os p5 SPARC 1.05GB.iso.gz md5sum: af9105316a61b19bf9d2e89080e824af v9os SPARC amd64 199MB.iso.gz md5sum: 02abfd5f30c7004983ac2f2d0519d898



Web site: Origin: USA Category: Desktop, Server Desktop environment: Xfce Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Media: Install CD/DVD The last version | Released: 2.0 alpha1 | November 18, 2018 Cucumber Linux – an independent Linux distribution targeted to desktop and server machine users. Cucumber Linux aims to provide a Linux distribution that … Read moreCucumber



Web site: (not active) Origin: Switzerland Category: Server Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86 Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Media: Install CD The last version | Released: 2.5 | December 23, 2003 College Linux – a stand-alone operating system based on Slackware Linux and created by the Robert Kennedy College. The aim of this experimental Linux … Read moreCollege