Web site: www.zeta-os.com (not active) Origin: Germany Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Tracker Architecture: x86 Based on: BeOS Wikipedia: ZETA Media: The last version | Released: 1.5 | February 28, 2007 Zeta – a commercial operating system based on BeOS and developed by the yellowTAB company (later: magnussoft). Zeta is an attempt to update BeOS with … Read more



Web site: v2.nl/archive/works/v2_os Origin: Netherlands Category: Desktop Desktop environment: GUI Architecture: x86 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Media: Live The last version | Released: 0.7 | April 3, 2002 V2_OS – an open source operating system, created by V2_Lab, International Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Since V2_Lab released the source code to the kernel … Read more



Web site: dex-os.github.io Origin: Category: Desktop Desktop environment: GUI Architecture: x86 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: DexOS Media: Install The last version | Released: 6.0 | May 12, 2012 DexOS – an open-sourced 32-bit operating system written in x86 assembly, and maintained by Craig Bamford and other voluntary developers. It is a console like operating system, … Read more



Web site: www.morphos.de Origin: Europe Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Ambient Architecture: Pegasos, AmigaOS, EFIKA, Mac Mini G4, eMac, Power Mac G4, PowerBook G4, iBook G4, Power Mac G5 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: MorphOS Media: Live CD The last version | Released: active Zobacz po polsku: MorphOS MorphOS – an independent, AmigaOS-like computer operating system. It … Read more

Plan 9

plan 9

Web site: plan9.bell-labs.com/plan9/ Origin: USA Category: Specialist Desktop environment: Rio Architecture: x86, x86_64, MIPS, DEC Alpha, SPARC, PowerPC, ARM Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Plan 9 Media: Live CD/USB The last version | Released: 4 | 2002 Zobacz po polsku: Plan 9 Plan 9 – a distributed operating system, originally developed by the Computing Sciences Research … Read more