Web site: Origin: United Kingdom Category: Desktop, Server Desktop environment: GUI Architecture: x86 Based on: Independent (fork AtheOS) Wikipedia: Syllable Desktop Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 0.6.7 | April 12, 2012 Zobacz po polsku: Syllable Syllable – an open-source and independent developed operating system for Pentium and compatible processors. It was … Read more



Web site: Origin: France Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Cpcdos’s GUI Architecture: x86 Based on: Cpcdos OSx Wikipedia: Media: Live The last version | Released: 1.1 Alpha | February, 2015 Zobacz po polsku: CraftyOS CraftyOS – a free operating system based on the Cpcdos OSx kernel, written only with CpcdosC+ language (CpcdosC+ will integrate the … Read more