Web site: Origin: Poland Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Cutefish Architecture: x86_64 Based on: Debian, Ubuntu Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 0.8 beta | July 10, 2022 Zobacz po polsku: CutefishOS CutefishOS – an elegant, beautiful and easy-to-use Linux desktop operating system. It runs Cutefish Desktop based on Ubuntu and has … Read more



Web site: Origin: USA Category: Education Desktop environment: GNOME Architecture: x86_64 Based on: Ubuntu Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 6.06 | May 17, 2022 Zobacz po polsku: Ubermix Ubermix – a free, specially built, Linux-based operating system designed from the ground up with the needs of education in mind. Built … Read more



Web site: (not active) Origin: Germany Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Xfce, bspwm Architecture: x86_64 Based on: Arch Linux Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 22.09.09 | September 1, 2022 Zobacz po polsku: AmOs AmOs – a full-featured operating system based on Arch Linux, featuring the Xfce desktop with multiple themes just … Read more



Web site: Origin: Iran Category: Desktop, Cloud Desktop environment: baran Architecture: x86, x86_64, arm64 Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 2.4.0 | March 18, 2022 Pyabr (short for Python abr (Persian for “cloud”)) – a Debian based Linux distribution from Iran. The whole gimmick of the OS is … Read more



Web site: (not active) Origin: USA Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Chromium Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Gentoo Wikipedia: Media: Install USB The last version | Released: 96.4.86 | May 11, 2022 Zobacz po polsku: CloudReady CloudReady – an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Gentoo distribution and the Chromium open source web browser. … Read more