Web site: jingos.com (not active)
Origin: China
Category: mobile
Desktop environment: KDE Plasma
Architecture: armel, x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 1.2 | January 20, 2022

JingOS – an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed for tablets and PC computers.

JingOS is a ‘convergent’ Linux-based open-source mobile OS for tablets and mobile devices. It can run Linux apps and Android apps. It is created to allow natural control by touch, pencil, keyboard, and trackpad.

JingOS is not only a tablet OS, but also a desktop OS. In tablet mode, you can watch movies, read books, play games using the mobile apps in JingOS. For productivity you can connect a keyboard and a trackpad/mouse to switch to desktop mode. Then you can write documents, and even do coding.

JingOS is designed to be a mobile-first tablet OS. It comes with a lot of beautifully designed icons and animation effects.
JingOS even supports multi-touch gestures, which is very important for modern tablets.

Developers connect Linux and Android apps through technology, making JingOS a ‘convergent’ Linux OS. You can use Linux desktop apps for productivity, and use Android apps for entertainment. More and more apps are coming to the AppStore.

Android apps native support only available for ARM-based devices.

JingOS has also optimized gestures for the trackpad. You can use trackpad gestures similar to the screen gestures. This provides you a better experience when you are using your device in laptop mode.

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