Web site: (not active) Origin: Germany Category: Desktop Desktop environment: IceWM, KDE Architecture: SPARC Based on: OpenIndiana Wikipedia (RU): MartUX Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 151a | September 27, 2012 MartUX – an OpenIndiana/Illumos based Solaris distribution for reviving SPARC hardware support. MartUX_OpenIndiana is based upon OpenIndiana oi_151a, which was released … Read more



Web site: Origin: Category: Server Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86_64, SPARC Based on: illumos Wikipedia: Media: NetInstall CD The last version | Released: 1.3.7 | January 2, 2015 Zobacz po polsku: DilOS DilOS – the illumos based platform with Debian package manager (dpkg+apt), released under MIT license. DilOS is focused on server side with … Read more



Web site: Origin: Germany Category: Desktop, Server Desktop environment: Gnome, IceWM Architecture: x86, SPARC Based on: OpenSolaris Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD/USB The last version | Released: 2014.05 | June 4, 2014 Zobacz po polsku: OpenSXCE OpenSXCE – an up-to-date distribution in sync for SPARC and x86, and on SPARC it supports all sun4u and … Read more

Plan 9

plan 9

Web site: Origin: USA Category: Specialist Desktop environment: Rio Architecture: x86, x86_64, MIPS, DEC Alpha, SPARC, PowerPC, ARM Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Plan 9 Media: Live CD/USB The last version | Released: 4 | 2002 Zobacz po polsku: Plan 9 Plan 9 – a distributed operating system, originally developed by the Computing Sciences Research … Read more



Web site: (not active) Origin: Russia Category: Desktop Desktop environment: JWM Architecture: x86, sparc64 Based on: OpenSolaris Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 0.5 | February 15, 2010 MilaX (formerly: Damn Small Solaris) – a small size Live CD based on OpenSolaris which runs completely off a CD or a USB … Read more