Web site: (not active) Origin: Iran Category: Desktop Desktop environment: GNOME Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Debian Wikipedia: Parsix Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 8.15r1 | February 12, 2017 Zobacz po polsku: Parsix Parsix – a live Linux distribution based on Debian stable branch, with possibility of installing the live system … Read more

Gears On Gallium

gears on gallium

Web site: (not active) Origin: Russia ? Category: Desktop Desktop environment: KDE Architecture: x86_64 Based on: openSUSE Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 2017.01.27 | January 27, 2017 Zobacz po polsku: Gears On Gallium Gears On Gallium – a Linux distribution based upon openSUSE which features very latest open-source Linux graphics … Read more

Poseidon Linux

poseidon linux

Web site: Origin: Brazil Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Unity Architecture: x86_64 Based on: Ubuntu Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 9 | September 29, 2017 Poseidon Linux – a friendly and complete desktop, based on open source software and aimed at the international scientific community (students, technicians, professors, researchers). This operating … Read more

Linux AIO

linux aio

Web site: Origin: Serbia Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, LXDE, MATE, Unity, Xfce Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Debian Live, Fedora, Linux Mint, Ubuntu Wikipedia: Media: Live DVD/USB The last version | Released: 2017 Zobacz po polsku: Linux AIO Linux AIO (All In One) – a Linux based project which provides remixes … Read more

Swift Linux

swift linux

Web site: Origin: USA Category: Desktop Desktop environment: IceWM Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Linux Mint Debian Edition Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 16 | January 28, 2017 Zobacz po polsku: Swift Linux Swift Linux – a lightweight, Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) based distribution featuring the IceWM window manager. … Read more