Sentry Firewall

Last Updated on: 25th October 2023, 03:48 pm

Web site: (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Firewall
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Slackware
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 1.5.0rc16 | January 14, 2005

Sentry Firewall CD – a Linux-based bootable CD-ROM suitable for use as an inexpensive and easy to maintain Firewall or IDS Node. The system is designed to be immediately configurable for a variety of different operating environments via a config file located on a floppy disk, a local hard drive, and/or a network via HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, or SCP.

The Sentry Firewall CD default kernel includes:
– OpenWall security patches
– Extensive Networking support:
** Advanced routing and queueing
** Netfilter support
** FreeS/WAN support
** Bridging and bridge filtering support
– IDE/SCSI support
– No SMP pupport

The project developer is Stephen A. Zarkos.

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