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Web site: ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/ucb/sprite/sprite.html
Origin: USA
Category: Workstation
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: DECstation, SPARCstation 2
Based on: UNIX
Wikipedia: Sprite
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1992

Sprite – a research operating system developed at the University of California, Berkeley, by John Ousterhout’s research group.

Sprite is a distributed operating system that provides a single system image to a cluster of workstations. It provides very high file system performance through client and server caching. It has process migration to take advantage of idle machines. It was used as a testbed for research in log-structured file systems, striped file systems, crash recovery, and RAID file systems, among other things.

The Sprite project has now ended, although Sprite is still running on a few machines. If you have a DECstation 5000/200 or a SparcStation 2, you could try running Sprite off the Sprite CD-ROM.

The one single archive contains following files:
– bench.tar.Z: Sources for a collection of small benchmarks used in the paper “Why Aren’t Operating Systems Getting Faster as Fast as Hardware”.
– gdb.tar.Z: gdb for Mach 3.0. (missing)
– gld.tar.Z: Gnu linker with modifications for cross-linking between different machine types.
– hash.tar.Z: The Sprite hashing package. You’ll also need the list package.
– list.tar.Z: The Sprite list package.
– mab.tar.Z: Sources for Modified Andrew Benchmark (used in paper “Why Aren’t Operating Systems Getting Faster as Fast as Hardware” and for other purposes).
– mipsim.tar.Z: A simulator and assembly-language program debugger for the MIPS R2000 architecture, written by John Ousterhout for use in a freshman-level course in C and assembler.
– tcl: A subdirectory full of various files containing sources and documentation for Tcl and Tk and related packages. See the README file in that directory for more information.
– xtsim.tar.Z: library to interface event driven simulator to Xt toolkit.
– sprite-1.096.tar.Z: Sprite kernel sources, version 1.096. Won’t compile into a kernel, but useful for browsing or borrowing code.
– sprited.tar.Z: Sources for a Mach-based Sprite single-server. Mostly of interest only to people doing work with Mach.
– cdrom.txt: Information about Sprite sources and docs on CDROM.

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