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Web site: www.qilinux.org (not active)
Origin: Italy
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Wikipedia (IT): QiLinux
The last version | Released: 2.0 | August 1, 2006

QiLinux – an Italian Linux distribution born in Turin and made completely from scratch for desktop, server and enterprise server.

QiLinux project aim is to integrate the work of the vast community of free software developers in order to create a modern, performant, safe and easy to use system for system administrators and desktop users.
Sponsored and maintained by QiNet company it is released according to GNU General Public License.

QiLinux Docet was an Italian Educational Live Cd based on QiLinux, for Italian-speaking Schools.
It provides educational plays, applications and exercises on school subjects like Maths, Geography, Geometry, Chemistry, Science, Italian, foreign languages, Technical Graphics, etc. QiLinux Docet includes the OpenOffice 2.0 Suite, development programmation areas, internet access configuration, and other multimedial functions.


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