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Origin: Finland
Category: Server
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, MIPS, Alpha, PA-RISC, PC532
Based on: UNIX-like
Wikipedia: Lites
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 1.1.u3 | March 30, 1996

Lites – a 4.4 BSD Lite based server and emulation library that provides free Unix functionality to a Mach based system.

Lites was originally written by Johannes Helander at Helsinki University of Technology, and was further developed by the Flux Research Group at the University of Utah.

Lites now understands FreeBSD slice device numbers. This allows you to access DOS partitions from Lites without the need to resort to funky disklabels. Since Lites only passes device names to Mach, you also have to run Mach4 UK22 to use these, older kernels don’t understand slice names. Using slice names can cause trouble because Lites has no way to know where the `compatibility’ slice (ie. the standard device names without a slice designator get mapped to the first partition with a BSD disklabel) will be mapped, so you can mount the same partition twice: once with the compatability name, and once with it’s slice name.

The latest Lites release is lites-1.1.u3. This release of Lites single server is to correspond with the Mach4 UK22 release. This release, called lites-1.1.u3, includes some enhancements made by the Flux project at the University of Utah, Ian Dall and Jukka Partanen. This release is mostly to include slice support for use with Mach4 UK22.

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