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Origin: Italy
Category: Specialist
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: knopILS
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 2005

knoppixGRASSit – a live Linux distribution based on Italian remix of Knoppix – knopILS, with preinstalled GRASS GIS application.

GRASS GIS, commonly referred to as GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System), is a free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software suite used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics and maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS GIS is currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world, as well as by many governmental agencies and environmental consulting companies. It is a founding member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

The Live CD contains, in addition to the Linux operating system:
– the GIS GRASS 6.0 (in English);
– the GIS QGIS 0.7 with GRASS plugin;
– the Spearfish dataset (ver 6.0);
– the WebGIS Mapserver 4.4.1;
– the DBMS PostgreSQL 7.4;
– the GRASS learning tutorial;

System requirements is:
– Intel-compatible processor (i486 or higher)
– 20 MB of RAM for text mode, at least 82 MB for graphical mode with KDE (at least 128 MB is recommended for various office applications)
– bootable CD-ROM / DVD drive, or alternatively a bootable floppy drive and a standard CD-ROM / DVD drive (IDE / ATAPI or SCSI)
– an SVGA-compatible video card
– a serial or PS / 2 or USB IMPS / 2-compatible mous

The knoppixGRASSit LiveCD was created by the GIS GROUP of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Trento.
The latest version was released in 2005; in 2006 the project has been upgraded to Italian GRASS and moved its base system to Kubuntu.

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