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Web site: unifix.de
Origin: Germany
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 2.2 | June 20, 1998

Unifix – a Linux CD-ROM distribution with emphasis on easy and fast installation. Though it is possible to install everything on the harddisk, it is not recommended so, because it runs fast enough directly from CD.

The dynamic buffer cache of Linux takes care of the second and subsequent times a program is started, which needs less than one second.
The system requires about 5 MB on the harddisk for configuration files and system management tools. Additionally it is recommended a 16 MB swap partition. The distribution (version 1.02) contains most of the standard programs in current versions, e.g. Linux 0.99.15e, XFree 2.0, emacs 19.22 and gcc 2.5.7. Full preconfigured source for everything is included.

Because Unifix is a European distribution it provides full support for iso8859-1 character sets. From the shells and emacs through ls, TeX and the print system everything supports 8-bit characters.

Printing is supported through System V compatible printer drivers which can be controlled through lp’s -o options. Printer drivers are included for dumb text mode printers, for postscript- or ghostscript- compatible printers and for networked printing. These drivers know how to guess the type of the files so e.g. compressed man pages or DVI files can be printed directly.

Unifix Linux 2.0 is the successor of Unifix Linux 1.8 and Linux-FT 1.2. Linux 2.0 supports a lot of new hardware which was formerly difficult or impossible to use under Linux. These are new SCSI adapters (e.g. 53C400), improved support for other cards (e.g. 53C800, AHA2940), new network cards (e.g. SMC 9000, 3com590), several new multi-port serial cards, several ISDN cards from cheap passive ones to fast active cards for use in servers.

Unifix was available only on CD. It comes in a Unifix/Linux binder with two boot floppies and about 70 pages of installation instructions in German. An English version would be available Apr 1994. The price was 159 DM (about $100) and includes taxes and shipping.

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