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Origin: Switzerland ?
Category: Graphics
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Knoppix
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Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 1.2 | March 5, 2005

GIS Knoppix – a Knoppix based bootable Linux CD with pre-installed GIS software.

The live CD is shipped with applications such as:
– KDE desktop environment and many applications
– GRASS 6.2 Raster/vector GIS, image processing system, and graphics production system
– PostgreSQL Postgres database with PostGIS extension
– MySQL 5.0.21 MySQL database with spatial extensions
– QGis 0.8 Viewer and data analysis for vector and raster data with PostGIS support
– QGis 0.6 Viewer and data analysis for vector and raster data with PostGIS support
– TerraView 2.0 Viewer and data analysis for vector with DB support
– Jump 1.1.2 Workbench for viewing, editing, and processing spatial datasets
– Thuban 1.0.0 Interactive geographic data viewer
– MapLab 2.0.1 Suite of web-based tools to create and manage MapServer applications and map files
– MapDesk 0.7 Viewer/editor for UMN Mapserver
– Interlis Compiler and UML editor for Interlis formats
– and other software GPSdrive, GPSMan, …

The project developer is Pirmin Kalberer.


GIS Knoppix 1.2 i386 706MB.iso
md5sum: ee2b30177a405ce9aadf7f4516b94da9


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