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Web site: fhclive.org (not active)
Origin: Italy?
Category: Security, Pentest
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Independent
Media: Live USB
The last version | Released: 2019.02 | June 9, 2019
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: F.H.C.

F.H.C. (Forensic Hard Copy) – a Linux distribution, bootable from CD / USB (live), created exclusively to automate and speed up the identical copy of mass memories.

Such copying procedures are commonly used in the field of forensic computers; it is orthodox practice in this field of information technology, to acquire data from the offending media so as to preserve them from possible alterations or damage, and then subsequently analyze the identical copy. The project was created to meet the operational needs of law enforcement agencies involved in investigative activities of judicial police, technical consultants (CTU) and part (CTP), ensuring the inalterability and use of IT evidence in the criminal trial.


F.H.C. live 2019.02 i386 471MB.iso
md5sum: 725c616024888eba53c152048131ae75

F.H.C. live 2019.02 amd64 471MB.iso
md5sum: 8232690add2e00fe630730d1a2ae9014

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