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Origin: USA
Category: workstation, embedded
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, Motorolla 68000, PowerPC, SPARC, ARM, MIPS
Based on: Mach kernel
Wikipedia: ChorusOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 5.1 | 2011

ChorusOS – a highly scalable and reliable embedded operating system that has established itself among top telecommunications suppliers. The ChorusOS operating system is used in public switches and PBXs, as well as within access networks, cross-connect switches, voice-mail systems, cellular base stations, web-phones, and cellular telephones.

The Sun Embedded Workshop software provides a development environment with the necessary tools to build and deploy the ChorusOS operating system on a telecommunications platform. The ChorusOS operating system is the embedded foundation for Sun’s Service-Driven Network. Offering high service availability, complete hardware and software integration, management capabilities and JavaTM technology support dedicated to telecom needs, the ChorusOS operating system allows the dynamic and cost-efficient deployment of new features and applications while maintaining the reliability and functionality of existing networks.

The ChorusOS operating system supports third-party protocol stacks, legacy applications, and applications based on real-time and Java technology, on a single hardware platform.

The ChorusOS operating system can be tuned very finely to meet the requirements of a given application or environment. The core executive component is always present in an instance of the ChorusOS operating system. Optional features are implemented as components that can be added to, or removed from, an instance of the ChorusOS operating system.

Each API function in the ChorusOS operating system is contained in one or more of the configurable components. As long as at least one of these components is configured into a given instance of the operating system, the function is available. Some library functions are independent of any specific component and are always available.

ChorusOS 5.0 runs over Solaris operating environments, and supports the following targets:
– UltraSPARC II (CP1500 and CP20x0)
– Intel x86, Pentium
– Motorola PowerPC 750 and 74×0 processor family (mpc7xx)
– Motorola PowerQUICC I (mpc8xx) and PowerQUICC II (mpc8260) microcontrollers

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