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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Taiwan
Category: Embedded
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: Vortex86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 5.7 | April 2010

DM&P X-Linux – a Linux distribution for customers need embedded Linux to start their development. X-Linux is maintained and improved since 2002. Bugs are fixed and customers can use it as their Linux application without embedded Linux platform setup. Because it does not provide full documents and tool-chain, developers needs to modify it manually.

X-Linux Feature List:
– Support Vortex86SX/DX/MX series.
– Only needs 10M bytes storage space.
– Only need 10 seconds to boot on Vortex86SX/DX/MX series after POST.
– Support EXT2/EXT3 filesystem.
– Working with read-only filesystem (using tmpfs to reduce writing Flash storage).
– Support serial console for device without VGA.
– Include FTP, TELNET and WWW server.
– Support DHCP client.
– Support NFS.
– Support SSH.
– Support USB mass storage and keyboard/mouse.
– Support NTP client.

X-Linux has installation scripts to install itself onto RAM disk, USB mass storage or IDE device. Download X-Linux RAM disk image from web site and make a bootable USB to boot into DOS (or, boot DOS from DOM) to run it.

XLinux OS developed by 网虎公司 in Taiwan, China. The last version is 1.5 released in 2000. Some information show that it’s mainly developed by Chen Yinghao.

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