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Web site: womp.sourceforge.net
Origin: France
Category: Desktop, Multimedia
Desktop environment: sWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Independent
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 0.6-beta3 | March 21, 2005

WOMP! – a micro Linux distribution focused on multimedia. It takes only 13 to 30 MB depending on the selected options on a bootable CD, and allow playing a wide range of multimedia files (video/audio/image) without installing any software on the computer’s hard drive.

WOMP! can also be installed on the hard drive either to run in memory just like a bootable CD, or to run from a read-only loopback file which is interesting for machines with low memory. It can the be booted either by a floppy boot disk or by a bootable CD (in that case it will only take 1.5MB on the CD leading all remaining space for multimedia files.

WOMP! uses the FrameBuffer for playing videos and X for interacting with the user. Hardware acceleration is provided by vidix. Cards that support vidix include nearly all ATI and Matrox cards, also NVidia in last release. Nevertheless even not accelerated, provided the processor is sufficiently recent there will be no problems playing divx files in full screen.

WOMP! is made of a lot of free software and based on an original idea from Roberto de Leo the author of Movix.

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