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Origin: USA
Category: Embedded
Desktop environment: CLI
Based on: Independent
The last version | Released: | 2015
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: ProteanOS

ProteanOS – an operating system for embedded devices. Its innovative design enables it to offer a competitive solution in a wide variety of hardware and software environments and embedded applications.

ProteanOS is built on industry-standard and enterprise-quality technology and aims to provide a competitive solution in a wide variety of applications – from personal electronics and automotive systems to robotics and digital signage.

ProteanOS seeks to combine the ease of setup found in most desktop and enterprise operating systems with the flexibility and configurability found in many other embedded operating systems.

All of the software in ProteanOS is free/libre and open source – it can be used, modified, and distributed without restriction.

ProteanOS can be made to run on just about any hardware that can support an operating system and made to work with a variety of UNIX®-like kernels (currently supported is Linux®) and system libraries.

ProteanOS is designed to be as small as possible. Only essential programs and libraries are installed by default. And each software package is stripped down as much as possible.

To install ProteanOS, you need to download a script to build a system called ‘Prokit’ that will allow you to built it.

The project founder is Patrick McDermott.

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