Web site:
Origin: Finland
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: IeWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Puppy Linux
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.4 | 2020

FinPuppy – a Finnish version of Puppy Linux. Version 2.4 is made with Puppy Linux’s remasterpup function, using the latest official version of Puppy Linux, Fossapup64 9.5, as a basis.

The layout was modified to suit my own use and translations were added by searching the internet and partly translating. The functionality is very similar to the original. In other words, FinPuppy is “just” a cheap (free) copy of the original, all thanks and credit to the creator of the original.

FinPuppy 2.4 is made mainly for personal use and has proven to be quite functional in that use, basic tasks are taken care of and it is less often necessary to start heavier operating systems. However, if you download and use it, you do so at your own risk, this is not an official version, made only for interest and hobby.

It uses Linux kernel 2.633.2.

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