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Web site: (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: GEM
Architecture: Motorola 68000/VME10, Apple Lisa 2/5
Based on: CP/M
Media: Install
The last version | Released: unknown

GEMDOS (originally written as GEM DOS) – a DOS based operating system which is based on CP/M 68K released by Digital Research. It contains features that make up the top layer of DOS TOS. In many cases, GEMDOS refers to the BIOS that manages the lowest layer of device access. GEMDOS is responsible for files, devices, processes and high-level I/O management.

The GEMDOS version number is independent of the TOS version. Much of GEMDOS is based on CPM 68k and MS-DOS. In fact, the file system and function calls are compatible with MS-DOS. Atari reads MS-DOS disk format.

In MultiTOS, GEMDOS has been combined with the MiNT environment which derives calls from the UNIX system.

It was available for 8086 and 68000 processors and had been adapted to the Apple Lisa 2/5 and the Motorola VME/10 development system. Atari decided in January 1985 to give up on the existing CP/M-68K code and instead port GEMDOS to the Atari ST platform, referring to it as TOS.

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