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Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: DOS
Wikipedia: Datalight#ROM-DOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: unknown

ROM-DOS (or: Datalight DOS) – a disk operating system that can be loaded in Read Only Memory (ROM) and can run entirely from within ROM and also from a hard or floppy disk, such as in a desktop system. ROM-DOS is functionally equivalent to other brands of DOS and can run programs that are
executable under a standard DOS (which executes from RAM).

ROM-DOS was introduced in 1989 as an MS-DOS compatible operating system engineered specifically for embedded developers. The most robust DOS available on the market, ROM-DOS enables current desktop hardware in legacy implementations. ROM-DOS continues to have backward compatibility build options. It’s also the fastest way to connect an embedded system to the internet.

OEMs are now able to take advantage of large disk drives and Long File Names with ROM-DOS 7.1. With as little as a 186 CPU, a small amount of RAM and flash memory or other non-volatile storage, you can create a low cost system in no time.

ROM-DOS runs on most x86 hardware platforms, including the 186, 286, 386, 486 or Pentium, as well as the NEC V-series and the growing number of work-alike processors. Companies such as NEC and Vadem offer all the parts of a PC in a single piece of silicon. ROM-DOS contains no hardware dependencies.

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