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Web site: planetwatt.com (not active)
Origin: USA
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: i3, LXDE
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: R13 | December 30, 2023
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: wattOS

wattOS – a lightweight Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, targeted to users of “old” computers. The system uses a very lightweight pekwm window manager by default, while maintaining good functionality of the entire system. wattOS with pekwm (microwatt) desktop is available for 32 bit machines.

The developer also offers two versions of the distribution with LXDE and MATE desktops.
Both are available for 32 and 64 bit machines.

As of R8 released in May 2014, wattOS has been ported from Ubuntu to Debian of the stable branch. “Microwatt” desktop has been changed from Pekwm to Openbox.

wattOS R9 is back based on Ubuntu and the microwatt version comes with the i3 window manager.

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4 thoughts on “wattOS”

  1. I’m currently running wattOS-R12 as a VM in GNOME Boxes on Debian 11. It’s incredibly snappy ans is far better than the wattOS from years back. I’m glad that they moved from being Ubuntu-based to being Debian (Stable)-based.

  2. So, why is R12 64-bit only? I’ve got the 32-bit version of Debian 11.6.0 installed and running so that can’t be the problem. It’s gotten quite tiresome seeing claims of Linux distros being for old computers without there being a 32-bit version or if there is a 32-bit version it’s many years out of date. Fortunately, other distros, like Debian provide up to date 32-bit versions, so, I will stick with those.

  3. Pavroo,

    Thank you so much for maintaining this archive.

    I run wattOS 10, 32 bit on an old Acer Aspire One, because I can still have Banshee to edit music files & create compilations. Banshee is the best one ever, & actually updates the metadata to the deepest level.

    Then there is also Fotoprint, which is the best one that I have found for image printing.

    Both of these softwares seem to have been abandoned by their developers, which is sad, because they were/are the best programmes in their fields.

    It would be great if you could revive these great projects into Sparky.

    I’d love to contribute, but I am not a C/C++/C#/Mono coder. I do a little bit of FORTH, relearning it.

    Again, thank you, dziekuje bardzo.



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