Web site: Origin: Ireland Category: Desktop Desktop environment: Xfce Architecture: x86 Based on: Puppy Linux Wikipedia: Media: Live CD The last version | Released: 536r | January 11, 2012 Macis – a Puppy Linux remix which offers a beautiful but light Linux Simplified-Chinese distro. Macis features preconfigured Xfce desktop environment as default with a … Read more

Incognito LiveCD

incognito livecd

Web site: (not active) Origin: Ireland Category: Privacy Desktop environment: KDE Architecture: x86 Based on: Gentoo Wikipedia: Incognito LiveCD Media: Live The last version | Released: 2008.1 | August 5, 2008 Zobacz po polsku: Tails Incognito LiveCD – a Linux distribution based on Gentoo Linux. It provides inclusion of anonymity and security tools such … Read more