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Last Updated on: 17th May 2023, 03:49 pm

Web site:
Origin: Israel
Category: Multimedia
Desktop environment: Gnome, KDE
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Red Hat
Media: Install DVD
The last version | Released: 5.0.6 | May 7, 2009

StartCom Linux (Kessem) – a Linux distribution based on the RedHat Enterprise and Fedora source code each modified with reliability, security and efficiency in mind.

StartCom MultiMedia Edition is a multi-purpose workstation with built-in Web server, Database, Office Suites, Entertainment Center, Recording Studio, Video Manipulation Platform and advanced Desktop environment. In addition, the Video and Sound section offers some outstanding applications like Cinelerra, Rosegarden, Audacity and many,many sound manipulating effect tools, synthesizers, samplers, sequencers. It has virtualization (XEN) and clustering capabilities (GFS), an extensive developer platform (Eclipse) and even allows the running of many Windows® based application with the help of the included Windows API implementation (Wine).

Pre-installed Yum Extender helps installing programs and updating the operating system.
The OpenGL allows run the 3D desktop for incredible effects and look-and-feel.

The latest version of StartCom Linux was released in 2009.

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