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Origin: Netherlands
Category: Desktop, Server
Desktop environment: Xfce
Architecture: x86
Based on: Zenwalk
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 2.0.2 | October 30, 2009

SLAMPP Linux – a generic Linux distribution that can boot directly off a CD/DVD-ROM drive, or optionally can be installed on a local hard disk. It is designed to be used as an “instant home server”.

SLAMPP comes with preconfigured tools and applications that allow a personal computer to function as a server. Unlike other Linux Live CD/DVD distributions, SLAMPP is targeting to two main user groups, namely: (1) average users, new to Linux, by giving them the chance to experiment with a non-Windows operating system, without the risk of changing or re-configuring the user’s existing system, and (2) experienced users, by providing them server applications and utilities within reach.

Can you imagine how handy it is to have and carry a linux live CD/DVD that provides all things you need to setup such kind of server? Moreover, SLAMPP strives for a good balance and combination between desktop and server applications.

– Turns a personal computer into an instant home server which provides support for common protocols, such as: HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, DHCP, Squid, etc.
– Modularity. The ability to add additional tools and applications easily in the form of modules. Each new module will be integrated seamlessly during the booting process. Aside from all the modules provided in the Live CD/DVD, custom modules can be created. The tools to do this can be found on the Live CD.
– Webmasters and web developers can use SLAMPP to show their work to others. Just put your web projects on the CD/DVD and SLAMPP will show them instantly.
– Uses Linux kernel 2.6 which provides better support for hardware.
– All setting and configuration changes made during use can be stored on the harddisk.
– Can be installed onto the harddisk to access the server permanently.
– Equipped with Integrated Development Environments, full libraries for web and linux development, various programming languages and databases, complete Open Office suite, multimedia and graphics applications, distributed revision control systems, firewalls, antivirus and content scanner.
– Uses slapt-get/netpkg/Zendo for package management tools and Xfce as desktop environment.

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