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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Malaysia
Category: Desktop, Server
Desktop environment: Xfce
Architecture: x86
Based on: Slackware
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 1.10.10 | September 2012

simpleLinux – a GNU/Linux distributions that uses LZMA compression to compress it’s system files. The project started on year 2007 by a group of Malaysian developer. simpleLinux is a Slackware distribution that comes in both Live CD or Persistence version that can be installed to a medium. simpleLinux GNU/Linux comes to be a multi-tasking operating system that runs the X Window.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux is a LiveCD, that give users to try without having to installing it on local hard disks. Furthermore, simpleLinux GNU/Linux is totally free of charge and “Free as in Free Speech”. It can be used by students, teachers or goverments without any restrictions. If you’re prompted for password, enter user “root” with a password “toor”.

Community version comes with solid desktop environment, click here to see how does it looks like. simpleLinux is a free and open source software.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux Extended exists as Extended version, DVD-Extended Version, and A Mini versions. simpleLinux GNU/Linux is a family of Linux Operating System. GNU/Linux is a computer operating system composed entirely of free software. It contains no proprietary software and thus, you have a freedom on changing the way it works as well as learning each of them.

simpleLinux GNU/Linux Core is created as an optional to this three lightweight distros, which is Damn Small Linux, Puppy, and Slax (former simpleLinux GNU/Linux). First of all, simpleLinux Core is targetted to a low end computers with a low RAM size. It will be extremely fast for systems with high ram and high clock speed.


simpleLinux 1.10.10 Desktop x86 612MB.iso
md5sum: 293a8804a51379eb624fbcb3f9fb3b46

simpleLinux 1.0a Community i386 348MB.iso
md5sum: 8467929b86e40345eed77f381c7734b3

simpleLinux 4.0 Extended i686 307MB.iso
md5sum: 459fec4c469c0884bb1054e991e977bb

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