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Origin: USA
Category: Others
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, Motorola 86000
Based on: Multiuser DOS
Media: Install
The last version | Released: 7.90 | 1999

REAL/32 – an operating system developed by Intelligent Micro Software Ltd. (IMS).

Logan Industries offers the following high performance REAL/32 operating system products manufactured by Intelligent Micro Software Ltd, the world’s largest supplier of Multiuser DOS compatible operating systems, providing knowledge and expertise gained in the multiuser and networking operating system market for over 11 years.

A brief description of the IMS products available from LII follows:
– IMS REAL/32 – the most advanced Multiuser DOS/Windows compatible operating system offered.
– REAL/32 NET Server – Peer to peer networking for Multiuser DOS.
– REAL/32 NET Client -DOS/Windows client to Multiuser DOS servers networking.
– IMS Term for Netware -Terminal emulation to Multiuser DOS stations through Netware.
– IMS WIN Server a major enhancement to REAL/32 network connectivity, allowing Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT and other SMB compliant clients to share REAL/32 drives and printers

Logan Industries has designed the following packages specifically for the REAL/32 and the IMS & DR Multiuser DOS environments. LII applications and utilities take full advantage of the multiuser and multi-tasking features of REAL/32.

Intelligent Micro Software Ltd. (IMS) of Thatcham, UK, acquired a license to further develop Multiuser DOS from Novell in 1994 and renamed their product REAL/32 in 1995.

Logan Industries designs high quality software aimed at performance oriented operating systems including REAL/32, Multiuser DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT.

LII produces several well known applications including PTERM, MIMIC, VOYAGER, and LURK for the Multiuser DOS (DR MDOS, IMS MDOS & REAL/32) and Concurrent DOS operating systems.

REAL/NG was IMS’ attempt to create the “Next Generation” of REAL/32, also named “REAL/32 for the internet age”. REAL/NG promised “increased range of hardware from PCs to x86 multi-processor server systems”.

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